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Create an American Heirloom...

...oriental rug. Established in the early 1940's in Braintree, Massachusetts, American Heirloom has been owned by the Van Schagen family since the late 1940's.

Aside from a name change in 1988, American Heirloom (formerly Vestamayd Rug Designs) has been providing the highest quality materials and instruction to guarantee your satisfaction and pleasure in creating your own oriental rug.

American Heirloom offers over 50 different designs, some of which have been adapted from oriental rugs currently in private collections. With over 40 different yarn colors to choose from, your oriental rug is sure to be one of a kind.


Backing: Our designs are printed on heavy cotton fabric (100 holes per square inch) which is woven for strength and durability. Sizes range from a 15" round chair seat to 7' x 9' custom designed backings.

Yarn: American Heirloom's 3-ply tapestry yarn is a 100% virgin wool and is spun and dyed especially for American Heirloom. Over 40 colors are available in this fine specialty wool.


Using an adjustable punch needle, our yarn is easily poked into the backing to create loops which are then cut and sheared creating a compact, velvety pile. A fringe can be added along the ends in either linen or wool yarn.


RugPaks are an easy and convenient way to begin creating your own heirloom. There are several RugPaks to choose from and each complete kit contains a different rug design and color scheme. Included in the RugPak is a backing, yarn, one needle, a pair of 5" scissors, one crochet hook and a tapestry needle. Also included is a set of American Heirloom "Poke-A-Dot" instructions, which is an enlarged, color-coded cross-section of the design.

Our rugs fit any decor from colonial to modern, and we are always expanding our treasury of design. The punch needle method of Oriental rug-making is easy and rewarding. If you've been making our rugs, then you know how much fun it is to make beautiful and durable heirlooms.

Now's the time to discover why making your own Oriental rug can be a relaxing and creative experience.

Warmest regards,

Deanna and David Van Schagen

P.S. -- If you would like to know more about becoming an American Heirloom Certified Teacher, we'll be glad to give you the details. Just contact us at your convenience. There's no obligation.


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