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Although the Navajo Indians are now known mainly for their magnificent rugs, they first wove blankets for their own use. With the expansion of trading, these weavings evolved into the flat-woven rugs we know today.

Download Southwest Insert (1.72 MB)

American Heirloom's Southwestern Rug Collection features exciting adaptations of these authentic Navajo designs. The Sierra Reflections, designed by Pat Chisholm, was influenced by an antique Bayetta Cheiftans blanket. Henry Oosterman created our Colorado Sunrise especially for his wife.

SW 322 Sierra Reflections

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SW 323 Desert Flower

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SW 334 Colorado Sunrise

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SW 335 Sequoia

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SW 322 A.H. Sierra Reflections [2' x 2-1/2'] champagne, dull rose, pink, turquoise, light blue, spruce

SW 323 A.H. Desert Flower [2' x 3'] natural, dull rose, dark brown, sand, beige, pink

SW 334 A.H. Colorado Sunrise [3' x 5'] natural, dark brown, dark green, steel, red, rust, plum, sand, red rose, old rose, dull rose, pink

SW 335 A.H. Sequoia [3' x 5'] natural, ivory, sand, black, rust


* This rug is currently not listed in our catalog, but if you contact us, we will gladly provide you with more information.

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